Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun wars With Team!. Enjoy Both Contract And Mission As A Team Enjoy Different Sniper Gun Completely Deadly Missions and Contracts.


Sniper The Team is a sniper shooting game with two different mode to play . Each Mode contain 10 levels to play.



The very first mode is Mission. In this Mode The Player has to help the team in order to get the places back which is occupied by the other people [The Opponents] . The Player must not shoot the team member otherwise the mission will failed. All Mission are design with lot of opponents and are different with other mission too with lot more difficulty to win the battle. This mission levels are design in five different area where the player can enjoy the different area of themes.



The Second modes are the Contract mode. In this Contract mode the player has to finish the contract with time limits since this game don't show any time on scene the time start once the help popup on the screen. All contracts are different in scene and area. This Contract mode is design to earn money and gold's to make unlock/purchase the Sniper guns. The Sniper The Team combines both Modes to get fun and deadly mission with teams .



• The Game provides easy control to play.

• In Mission Mode player can switch to different position to get proper target.

• Both the Modes (Mission and Contract) are different from each other.

• Mission contains Army type Character where as Contract contains mix up of both army and normal character.

• Slow motion bullet and Bullet effects.

• Compatible to almost all android devices and Tablets.